Things we do.

We can fix many computer related problems. Virus / spyware removal, Network set-up, Broadband installation help, Computer troubleshooting, Data recovery / transfer.

If you have bought a new computer we can transfer your data over, attach and install other computer peripherals; install drivers and licensed software.

If your internet or home network is not working as you would like it to we can setup and configure your various devices so all your shared documents are available. We will document this process so you can reconfigure devices yourself.

If you have a problem we can arrange to help you either by phone, remotely , by visiting your home or other location.

Our rates are reasonable, £30 call out charge with an hours worth of work after that its £25 an hour. We are based in Bromley and try and use public transport to get to local clients locations. Sometimes we might just get a taxi. If you are further afield we can work something out.

Contact Me
Phone: 020 8123 0452

Twitter: @networkeasy
Skype: john.j.edmondson